News and commentary on motor parts and accessories ecommerce

The advantages of automotive aftermarket ecommerce

People are more and more intrigued by investing in ecommerce. In the following lines, we’ll share information about the pros seen through the eyes of ecommerce businesses. Smaller initial investment One of the great advantages …

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Online Sales – How To Start Selling? part 1

Years ago, businesses wondered if it made sense to invest in online stores and if they would spend their time developing an ecommerce channel. Everyone was used to working in an offline environment through physical …

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The hidden war on the automotive front

“Sustainable development” and “climate neutrality”; these phrases will determine the future of the automotive industry. But doesn’t the future deprive us of choice? We are talking about the future of the automotive industry, which, although …

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How the Pandemic Drives the ecommerce Boom

Online B2B ecommerce business will grow by more than 70%. The pandemic significantly accelerates the growth of B2C and B2B e-commerce, according to reports. What is projected for the future of the B2B sector is …

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How COP26 Decisions Affect the Automotive Sector

COP26 (Key countries and car manufacturers are absent in the global emissions agreement, where the behemoths of the global car industry – the US, China and Germany – all declined to sign) showed the world …

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