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Aftermarket vehicle hybridization

The aftermarket continues to grip the wheel of optimism and innovation tightly. After the shutdowns in the spring of 2020 and a slow restart in the third quarter, there was a boost at the end …

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Тhe aftermath of Amazon Prime Day 2021

In our previous Amazon Prime Day blog post we discussed the choice brands have to make on whether or not to invest in this event which is full of unknowns. Since a handful of large retailers were …

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What is ‘Data decay’ (bad data)? This term refers to the degradation in the quality of data. The importance of collecting and managing your data is undoubted. But if you only store and don’t have a routine for …

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ecommerce customer service

Nowadays ecommerce businesses have the opportunity to function like normal stores, but with the additional reach and flexibility of online commerce. However, ecommerce businesses need to bring more to the table to meet modern high …

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