How to scale aftermarket business growth on multiple online channels

ecommotors is the only provider of integrated ecommerce business services and software systems for brands, manufacturers, distributors and resellers of car parts, tools and accessories who want sustainable online sales growth.

Control your brand online

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Whether you’re an OE or an OEM, it’s vital you control how your brand appears on online channels. Other firms that sell your brand won’t pay the same attention, they have divided loyalties and other priorities. When you control your brand online, you present your desired image consistently to consumers and other buyers who want to do business with you directly. They’ll pay a modest premium for that relationship and trust too.

At ecommotors we specialise in brand and reputation protection for automotive. Whether it’s the Amazon brand registry or customer service interactions with buyers, we put your brand in the best possible light and keep it there. Our services are focused on projecting your brand values at all touch points in the consumer experience, from the moment they find your listing to after they take delivery of their order. And we’ll extend that approach across all the online marketplaces and channels where you want to be present.

Get your car parts data B2C ready

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Whether you use TecDoc, MAM, KBA or other indexing standards, converting your B2B data to B2C-ready information for your online buyers is about maximising automation and attention to detail. The better your data is optimised for the marketplace and web store buying process, the more often you’ll be found, and the more often people will buy from you. The more helpful information and supporting media like videos you provide, the more confident your buyers will be that they’re buying the right part, without the need for costly returns.

ecommotors is a trusted provider of consumer optimised B2C data to brands, manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We are the back office for 5 global automotive industry data cataloguing systems and we provide customer service for your buyers both pre- and post-sale around fitment. We use both automation and skilled resources to check for data compliance with car parts finders on marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, and our system use automation to further smooth the process.

Grow incremental revenues from car parts

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In a hyper-competitive trading environment it’s important to exploit all the available routes to market and regions to sell into, and take advantage of places where there is more scope for growth. Online market share of the aftermarket increased markedly during 2020, and many consumers and buyers who moved to marketplace and web stores when physical outlets were closed are continuing to purchase online. This presents major opportunities to grow revenues which are incremental to traditional routes to market

If marketplaces and selling directly to consumers and end users are a new chapter for your ecommerce business, ecommotors has 20 years’ experience getting to grips with these ever evolving channels, what works and what doesn’t work. In fact, we’re often consulted by marketplaces themselves and are asked to speak at industry aftermarket events. We’re also experts in centrally managing your activities across multiple channels, and our services and systems are geared to the unique requirements of successful multichannel growth.

Avoid car parts channel conflict

Avoiding channel conflict is about understanding your different customers in each channel and designing your offering to satisfy their requirements. It’s important to connect directly with your end customer to fully exploit online channels, and connect with them in the right way. It’s highly likely that earlier entrants are already promoting either your brands or the parts that you sell. Online channels are proven to add new customers and incremental revenues to your current other routes to market.

At ecommotors we’ve sold on eBay and built ecommerce businesses too. We specialise in designing the right online channel strategy for you and guiding you through to online multichannel success with our onboarding and ongoing managed services. We also provide this expertise for Amazon and eBay themselves in the motor space. Because we intimately understand multichannel strategy we’ll recommend the tailored, marketplace-specific approaches you can take to avoid channel conflict.

Go multichannel for resilience

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Being on multiple channels isn’t just about accessing different customer segments. It’s also about having a sensible approach which spreads your risk and allows you to react quickly to those external factors which you often can’t control. You’re more resilient when you’re selling on multiple channels. You’re also more resilient when you’re selling on multiple online channels – marketplaces and your web stores – in case you have issue which results in your selling rating suffering or being dropped from one of them.

You need to embrace the people’s changing buying patterns to be successful. Furthermore, with hundreds of marketplaces around the world, and many different platforms for hosting web stores, it’s important to decide on a channel mix that’s right for your ecommerce business and where you want to take it. We have two decades of multichannel experience. We’ll take time to understand your ecommerce business and priorities and help you build the right strategy. We’ll also manage your online multichannel business for you and use our software system to centrally manage your end-to-end business processes, from goods in, through to orders out, with automated and rapid listing and stock level updates across your channels.

Be a robust ecommerce business

In the motors aftermarket you’re dealing with complexity and many thousands of different car parts and fitment data. When you can also make a large number of parts available online in a short space of time, you can also open up a very large influx of orders very quickly. It’s important that your processes and systems are robust enough to handle the volume of SKUs, orders and stock level updates across your different channels.

We’re used to working with large players in the aftermarket space – both brands and resellers – and the large process and data demands they have for their ecommerce business. We use teams of parts and accessories ecommerce specialists to manage these processes for you, so you don’t have to. Our ecommotors system is comfortable with SKU volumes literally in the millions and automates the sending of listing, order and inventory updates across the different channels, so you’re always showing the latest information wherever you sell online.

Accelerate your time to market

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There are big growth opportunities in car parts and accessories ecommerce. A major challenge is time, governed by the resources you need to check the information on all your current and new parts is correctly configured for consumer markets and get them all listed in a way that’s optimised for each marketplace or channel. The quicker you can get accurate, high quality information in front of your buyers, the quicker you can start converting your inventory into deispatched orders.

At ecommotors we use motor aftermarket experts and automated tools to check that all part information is correct, filled in and complies with the specific marketplace requirements. We’re experts in translating B2B data into B2C data and further tweaking it so it’s optimised for each channel. This results in the best combination of speed and accuracy to get your listings up. The ecommotors system automates the pushing of new data and updated data across all your online channels simultaneously, further collapsing your time to market.

Integrate with your existing ecommerce business systems

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Successfully scaling businesses often pivots on the ability to automate the flow of data within and outside the organisation, with suppliers, customers, logistics partners and so on. There are degrees of automation sophistication too, including the import and export of files for upload via FTP and data transfer between different applications using APIs. The greater the integration, the less reliance on manual intervention and the more effective, profitable business.

The ecommotors ecommerce system for car parts, tools and accessories is extremely comprehensive, with many direct integrations and data exchange with channels, dispatch, finance, CRM, ERP, warehouse and supplier systems. For many of our customers we become their ERP system, the backbone of their business. For other customers we can connect to their existing systems and perform the critical ecommerce tasks like full listings management, order management and stock level updates across all channels.

Understand exactly what’s happening in your ecommerce business

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The most successful ecommerce businesses have a window on exactly what’s happening in their business: their best sellers, their poor sellers, how fast stock is moving, when stock needs reordering, how margin-rich their products are after all the various costs have been deducted, and which products are causing costly returns and refunds, across suppliers, channels and regions. Only when a business gets the right insights from its data can it take the right action.

ecommotors has the most advanced and flexible reporting and analytics system for motor parts and accessories ecommerce performance. This gives us ready insight into what’s really happening in your business, leading to better decision-making and faster, more profitable growth. We collect data across the ecommotors ecommerce system, providing you with in-depth dashboards and reports – in headline or deep-dive formats – across sales, inventory, customers and margins, for regions, SKUs, suppliers and so on.