We grow incremental revenues from multiple online direct-to-consumer channels for major and aspiring players in the automotive parts market

How COP26 Decisions Affect the Automotive Sector

COP26 (Key countries and car manufacturers are absent in the global emissions agreement, where the behemoths of the global car industry – the US, China and Germany – all declined to sign) showed the world …

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Are metals the new oil?

Inspired by Goldman Sachs report from 2021 – “Copper is the new oil.” Carmakers plan to invest nearly US$515 billion in electric car production by the end of the decade. According to a study by …

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What Are the Clouds that Make Up the Automotive Storm?

Oxford Languages’ dry definition of a storm reads “a bad situation caused by a combination of adverse factors”. Unfortunately for carmakers, something similar to storm has been happening to their business in recent months. The …

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