TecCom partners with ecommotors to deliver fully connected aftermarket ecommerce to the UK and Ireland

ecommotors’ Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution enables growth
through end-to-end automation

TecCom partners with ecommotors

Cheltenham, England, Monday 17th April – aftermarket ecommerce systems and services provider ecommotors has joined forces with TecAlliance to integrate TecCom solutions into its customers’ systems environment, to further automate ecommerce business processes.

The ecommotors ERP system ‘Volo’ will become a certified TecCom Solution Integrator (TCSI), as part of the TecAlliance Partner Programme. Many ecommotors/Volo customers already enjoy a range of TecCom functionalities, and the integration will mean increased smooth and efficient working. After the initial validation, continuous revalidation takes place, to secure the latest technical standard for all customers.

TecCom identifies Certified ERP and Webshop Systems through the “TecCom inside” branding.

Volo will integrate 4 modules from the TecCom solutions portfolio for its customers across parts dealers/resellers, parts manufacturers and workshops:

  • Order, covering request, order, order communications, dispatch advice and invoice data
  • Returns, covering warranty claims, returns and stock clearing
  • E-Invoicing, covering paperless and tax compliant invoices in a structured format, invoice archiving and continuous transaction control
  • CMD, covering data on parts and pricing, as well as parts availability

Christina Meier, Sales and Partner Manager for TecCom, TecAlliance, said, “We are pleased to have ecommotors on board as a new TecCom Partner. With the integration of the TecCom solutions in the ERP “Volo”, our mutual customers get a significant benefit through automation of the whole process chain. We look forward to a good partnership.”

Mark Rudge, PACT Director – Sales TecCom UK & Ireland, added, “Users of the ecommotors Volo ERP system will have an unrivalled level of connectivity with their trading partners, utilising TecCom’s latest services and functionalities. From real-time enquiry and ordering, through to Invoicing and Returns, ecommotors customers will benefit from all we have to offer, fully integrated into their Back Office system. It’s great to have them onboard and I anticipate a fruitful partnership”

Andrew Rowson, Head of Services at ecommotors, commented, “I am excited that this partnership will be able to offer our automotive parts resellers access to over 280 aftermarket suppliers enabling true end-to-end automation, a first in the UK.”

Paul Dilger, Head of Platforms for ecommotors, added, “Many of our customers are also customers of TecCom for their stock availability, ordering and data requirements. They can see the benefits of integrating their providers to better scale their business, so it totally makes sense for us to connect the dots for them.”

The TecCom partnership is a fundamental pillar of the ecommotors Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution, which connects the key elements of the aftermarket process into automated ecommerce from end to end.

For resellers and existing online sellers who are manually placing orders and updating their stocks and listing, they can scale their business by connecting to the main stock, order and inventory management systems, thereby streamlining their workflows and operations. This will enable them to automate their whole selling process, from listing, through to ordering and dispatch.

The ecommotors TMA suite:

  • ERP and management system
  • Inventory updates, stock availability
  • Multichannel listings: Amazon, eBay, OnBuy etc, Webstore provided
  • B2C, retail
  • B2B, order placement
  • Content management
  • Customer service (optional)
  • Brand protection, programmes

For more information on the ecommotors Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket solution, contact ecommotors.

About TecAlliance & TecCom

For more than 25 years, TecAlliance has been the world’s leading data specialist connecting the digital automotive aftermarket. In addition to up-to-date vehicle and spare parts data based on the TecDoc Standard, the TecAlliance portfolio includes comprehensive repair and maintenance information as well as integrated solutions and consulting services for digital order handling, fleet management and market and data analysis in the automotive aftermarket.

Today, around 900 qualified TecAlliance employees from 26 nations are working around the world, using their profound technical and business knowledge of the automotive aftermarket to make data and processes more efficient.

TecCom is the industry solution for automated order-to-invoice processing in the independent automotive aftermarket. More than 280 suppliers and over 35,000 buyers use the platform worldwide. With the automation and digitization of parts data, ordering, invoice and returns processes, TecCom helps the IAM community to trade aftermarket parts in the easiest and most efficient way.

About ecommotors

ecommotors provides the Turnkey Multichannel Aftermarket (‘TMA’) solution, dedicated to growing online business for brands, manufacturers, distributors and resellers of automotive parts, tools and accessories. The embedded Volo ERP system allows resellers to control their end-to-end operations, including purchasing and supply/supplier management, warehouse management, inventory management, order management, shipping management, connections to TecCom solutions and full integrations to online marketplaces and ecommerce website platforms. The ecommotors management team grew the first £1m business on eBay UK in this category. Expert services and robust, insightful technology are finely tuned to deliver safe, swift and sustainable ecommerce growth. ecommotors is an initiative of E-Motive Online and Volo Commerce, two companies with a rich history of delivering managed services and technology solutions to multichannel aftermarket ecommerce brands and resellers.

To find out more about the automotive aftermarket, or for a no-obligation introductory discussion, please contact us.


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