eCommerce + motors = ecommotors – the aftermarket formula for success

The aftermarket vehicle accessories success formula.

The aftermarket vehicle accessories success formula

In this post we talk through the aftermarket ecommerce success formula for vehicle accessories that inspired the founding of ecommotors.

In previous posts, we explored the challenges that aftermarket brands and manufacturers face when they embrace ecommerce. We also did the same for aftermarket distributors and resellers. As with many new routes to market, the quickest and safest way to get up the curve is to lean on the expertise of specialists partner companies.

These companies deliver their expertise in the form of technology and services. Through our work with customers we know that they would have to go to one provider to hire the full set of managed services, and another provider for the platform for transacting ecommerce business across more than one channel, usually marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and web stores. There was no single provider to cater to the entire ‘turnkey’ proposition.

At the same time, parts, vehicle accessories and tools for cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, powersports and marine vehicles is a unique industry with particular ways of working and requirements that it doesn’t share with other verticals. Similarly, there was no provider dedicated to serving the complete spectrum of aftermarket sellers – original equipment brands, original equipment manufacturer brands, distributors, resellers – all of whom have slightly differing challenges but who share the common goal of getting closer to the consumer.

This is why we founded ecommotors: to provide the strategic focus for aftermarket multichannel ecommerce and the resources to fully digitise companies’ bricks and mortar offerings. And while we launched ecommotors in 2020, during one of the most turbulent trading periods that precipitated the headlong acceleration into commerce, we’ve been providing motors managed services for over 20 years and ecommerce retail and reporting platforms for 15 years. Moulding the two elements into one is designed to address the ‘whole product solution’ requirements of this industry. 

This integrated approach mirrors the entire partnership lifecycle that you’d expect from a trusted advisor:

  1. Consultancy and advice for vehicle accessories businesses. We do deep discovery to fully understand your business and where you’re looking to take it
  2. Approach-framing and project planning. This is where the rubber meets the road, with an execution plan for success
  3. Set-up and onboarding. We connect you to the marketplaces and where you want to be present and create your store fronts for these channels
  4. Vehicle accessories solution set. This is the combination of services and technology fine-tuned for aftermarket multichannel ecommerce
    • Data building and optimisation; getting your products fully ready for the consumer buying journey
    • Brand and reputation management; setting up, projecting and protecting your brand online consistently
    • Managing channel conflict; building incremental revenues and making sure there’s no disruption to existing channels
    • Localisation and translation; to maximise your conversions in the cross-border regions where you’re competing
    • Marketplace and store management; covering price checking, promotion strategy, loyalty initiatives and listing revisions to maximise sales growth
    • Logistics; co-ordinating our network of shipping, 3PL and reverse logistics partners to provide the ideal delivery experience for your buyers
    • Customer service; providing full pre- and post-sale advice on part fitment, tools and vehicle accessories to your buyers to give them a great experience
    • Reporting and data analytics platform; giving you the insight you need on how your business is really performing online and how you can improve
    • Multichannel listing, inventory, order management platform; controlling and automating your end-to-end business processes and data flows
  5. Ongoing account management for growth and expansion. We provide periodic milestone reviews and make regular recommendations for growth or course correction
  6. Support, maintenance, upgrades. You get full support on our platforms, which are subject to frequent releases for maintenance, functionality upgrades and platform development
  7. Communications. We keep you in the loop on all aspects for the life of your partnership with us

We know that you want to partner with an experienced provider for swift, safe and sustainable growth. At ecommotors we are deeply rooted in aftermarket ecommerce of vehicle accessories. We know multichannel and we’re consulted by marketplaces on what works. Data is key to success, and we’re effectively the back office for 5 industry automotive data cataloguing systems, so we can turn your bricks and mortar data into information that consumers will want to use.

Our technology provides unmatched insights into online sales performance, backed up by a back end system that’s geared to handle the multi-million SKU volume and multi-thousand order volume demands of a full multichannel aftermarket offering.

To find out more about the automotive aftermarket, or for a no-obligation introductory discussion, please contact us.