E-Motive’s ecommotors PPE Portal work earns an IAAF Outstanding Innovation Award

In this post we publish our press release announcing our recent IAAF award.

E-Motive’s ecommotors PPE Portal work earns an IAAF Outstanding Innovation Award

Portal has shipped over 500 million PPE items to the UK’s front line

Cheltenham, England, Wednesday 9th December – IAAF member E-Motive, whose ecommotors tech platform powers key parts of the eBay-NHS PPE portal, won the ‘Outstanding Innovation During the Covid-19 Crisis’ category at the recent IAAF Pride of the Aftermarket Awards 2020.

The portal went live in May 2020, and by the 25th November had surpassed the 500 million mark for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items shipped to over 20,000 health care providers.

eBay has a huge presence in the UK aftermarket category and has partnered with the NHS Supply Chain and Department of Health and Social Care to deliver the portal. The E-Motive-ecommotors software system is a key player in this portal, providing the listings management, stock level updates, order management and integration into the eBay marketplace.

Andrew Rowson, CEO of E-Motive and Head of Services at ecommotors, commented, “We genuinely weren’t expecting to have our efforts rewarded, so it was a very pleasant surprise to be called up to the virtual podium during the IAAF awards ceremony. We take no money from our time and effort to support the project, so we’re thrilled that the IAAF has recognised our staff in this way.”

Tony Kyberd, Head of Platforms for ecommotors, added, “Innovation was at the heart of the PPE project, and it’s also at the heart of helping our aftermarket customers to digitalise their sales and distribution strategies and take them online. We’re very pleased, therefore, to find ourselves an award recipient in the Outstanding Innovation category. Many thanks to the IAAF and their community for this.”

From its experience with the aftermarket, the ecommotors platform is well used to the large volume demands for product SKUs, listings and orders through the end-to-end process of goods in and warehousing through to pick, pack, dispatch and deliver. This ability to manage large amounts of data and logistics is central to handling the vast throughput of PPE items.

For more information on the PPE portal, E-Motive or ecommotors, contact ecommotors.