Guide to choosing the Right Software to Grow Ecommerce Sales part 1

Choosing the right technology that covers your specific business needs is often not a quick or easy task. While many favour one main sales channel, there is the argument for why most brands should prefer D2C and be diverse with their ecommerce presence. But, going on different channels and creating a brand presence on each requires additional work and investment and there is a list of common mistakes to avoid. One sure thing is the benefit of creating consistent, unified listings and a consistent customer experience, and that comes with the right software. 

Countless businesses are aware of their need for software but are put off by the massive number of products. With so many options, there is the challenge to make sharp, informed decisions for that digital investment. On top of that, it can take months to find out what are the needs and requirements to be covered and even more time to hunt for the right software to do so. Mistakes are not something everyone can tolerate or afford, but the end results are enough to at least start considering. The right software can not only optimise most operations but also improve business intelligence and increase employee productivity. For example – If you are using the right listing management solution it will have a positive impact on search engines and your rankings – and in turn, your conversions to sales. The solution will also save you time and will help you easily control all the data. 

Where do you begin and how can you be sure in your search? In this two-part guide, we are going to pinpoint this process that we’ve developed through our almost 3 decades of experience in the industry.

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How to find it? What does it need to do for us? How much will that cost?

No two businesses are exactly the same. A good thing to do before starting your research for software is to examine your business’s needs and prioritise them. Identify the obstacles that the ideal software solution could help you overcome. To be sure you have all the angles coverned, consult and do it as much and often you can. Consult with various departments and your team. This will help you successfully determine your needs given your current way of working. When you contact different software providers, it’s a good idea to invite someone from your team to join you. They may see and hear things you miss.

When it’s time to start your research for software solutions, most start with searching for the leading products. This is not a bad way to start, but it will still give you a large number of results as one product can be the best for others but not for you. Here the best advice is to narrow things down. Look for providers with years of experience behind them. Furthermore, find out what experience they have had with companies similar to yours.

The first thing we include in our list of requirements is software that gives an increased performance insight and access to more in-depth, comparative reporting. Time is valuable and the best software should be able not only to extract the data but also present it in ways easy to see what’s going on in your business from end to end. This shouldn’t be taken lightly as the easy insights and understanding accompanied with more detailed information on demand will help you with all kinds of workflow on any level.

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