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What is ‘Data decay’ (bad data)? This term refers to the degradation in the quality of data. The importance of collecting and managing your data is undoubted. But if you only store and don’t have a routine for …

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ecommerce customer service

Nowadays ecommerce businesses have the opportunity to function like normal stores, but with the additional reach and flexibility of online commerce. However, ecommerce businesses need to bring more to the table to meet modern high …

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Mistakes brands make on ecommerce marketplaces

Marketplace platforms allow businesses to increase their revenue by acting as middlemen and pairing buyers with sellers. To get the most out of the marketplace opportunity, brands and retailers need a clearly defined customer proposition, …

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The story so far in the Automotive Aftermarket

The two capital auto parts markets are firstly the automotive components from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and secondly – the automotive aftermarket. And the auto aftermarket is big, layered, and resilient, capturing the attention …

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Managing your Data, the right way

In our previous blog post, we talked about Channel Conflict and we mentioned something of great importance – data is worth its weight in gold. Data’s importance can easily be compared to gold as data …

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Channel conflict when going D2C

In our previous blog post, we discussed D2C (‘Direct to Consumer’) and its potentially biggest benefits. In this one, we explore the channel conflict which can occur when switching to a different channel. We argue …

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